Tuesday 27 September 2016

Get to know me

Where do i live?
Im from the uk (west midlands) a small town. Theres not too much to do here really in terms of entertainment BUT im very close to the chase which is great for picnics and walks etc so that i love. I think i prefer living here than i would in a big city. I like to visit them but abit to hectic for me.

I have 1 son who is now 19months old.

2 dogs and a cat

It's kind of sad that i don't do or take time for hobbies anymore but i enjoy reading, the gym, music,  the cinema.

Favourite season?
The summer deffinetly. I love being warm and feeling the sun, going for bbq, lighter evenings and i think i just feel more care free in the summer.

Last thing i brought?
A amazon fire stick which im yet to try.

I have 4. Do i regret them? No but 1 i would rather have had somewhere i could cover than where it is on my arm.

Can i cook?
Barely :p i get by but i would say i have alot to learn. It isnt something i enjoy doing is prefer to eat good food than make good food although it would be nice if i could do both.

Green fingerd?
I try but theres room for improvement. I have a few succulent plants which ive managed to keep alive for a while now. Im hoping next year to be able to plant something with my son. something easy!

Hidden talent?
Not that im aware of! Hopefully if j have 1 i find it and can use it before im too old to enjoy it.

My favourite apps?
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and etsy

Im back....again

I am back to try my hand at blogging again.

If im honest i miss reading everybodys posts. The sense of community and support. The knowledge and resources from other bloggers. It's a great outlet. I tend to ask more questions than have give advice but stick with me.

What have i been upto? Mainly working and looking after my little boy. Were not long back from a week in wales now back to reality.

I would like to try and work on the blog and put as much into it as possible to any suggestions would be appreciated.